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Tapping machine

DMT600 tapping of drilling and milling machine

Brand: the blacksmith

Type: large gantry carving and milling machine

Series: the blacksmith big trip longmen carving and milling machine series

Apply to: all kinds of large gantry carving and milling machine industry

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Specializing in the production of carving machines, carving and milling machines, knife sharpening machines, wood carving machines, jade carving machines and other high efficiency, high precision, high industry production equipment

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DMT600 tapping of drilling and milling machine and main components are of high strength cast iron, stable metal organization, ensure the stability of the machine tool use for a long time;

Adopt domestic three-dimensional variable diameter processing, to ensure the stability of the cast iron;

At the bottom of the column for a-line intercity structure, combined with big box base, sharply reduce heavy cutting time to the vibration of the body;

High speed, high precision, high rigidity spindle unit;

Double oil pump intermittent automatic lubrication;

Pneumatic loose, broach system;

Three axis hard track.


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    Drilling and tapping machine tool production, standardization of the indicators

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    Various stringent testing precision index measuring machine and using laser detection

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    Guide rail is introduced: three axis adopt Germany rexroth or Taiwan linear roller guide, high rigidity, low noise, corrosion resistance, friction characteristics such as high sensitivity, rapid traverse 48 m/min, effectively improve the processing speed and accuracy. Screw is introduced: the C3 level precision ball screw Taiwan mute, rapid traverse 48 m/min, move smoothly and effectively improve processing efficiency and stability, high precision and rigidity is very high, greatly reduce the processing time.

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    All lathe bed casting meehanite high wear-resisting castings used for bodies and unique body reinforced rib, strong rigidity is not easy to deformation. Wear resistant and high precision stability, far beyond the same specification of its it brand machine tools

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    Non-standard models and four or five axis machine is optional

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    MITSUBISHI FANUC FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, SIEMENS, etc., many system can according to customer demand choice used by the configuration

Parameter specification
Work table area600×400mm700×420mm800×400mm
Maximum load250kg300kg300kg
Cross travel(Y-axis)400MM400MM400MM
The spindle head down stroke (Z-axis)300MM300MN300MM
Spindle nose to table distance150-450mm150-450mm155-455mm
Spindle center to column surface distance rail450mm450mm450mm
Spindle taperBT30BT30BT30
Max.spindle speed15000/20000/24000rpm15000/20000/24000rpm15000/20000/24000rpm
The highest spindle speedStraightStraightStraight
Cutting feed rate12/min12m/min12m/min
Rapid traverse(X/Y/Z)48m/min48m/min48m/min
The knife handle patternBT30BT30BT30
Tool storage capacity16Tools16Tools16Tools
Axle Actuates Motor3.7/5.5kw3.7/5.5kw3.7/5.5kw
Servo motor of X.Y.Z axis1.5×1.5×3kw1.5×1.5×3kw1.5×1.5×3kw
X.Y-axisLine railLine railLine rail
Z-axisLine railLine railLine rail
Machine size(L×W×H)1800×2000×2200mm1900×2000×2200mm2000×2000×2200mm
Machine weight2800kg3000kg3200kg
Pointing accuracy±0.005mm±0.005mm±0.005mm
Repeat accuracy±0.003mm±0.003mm±0.003mm
Electric power consumption18KVA18KVA19KVA
Air pressure6-8Kgs/cm26-8Kgs/cm26-8Kgs/cm2


●6000-10000RPM-BBTStraight type spindle

●Three hollow screw oil cooling oil

●BT40-24TDisc type knife library

●The fourth axis rotation axis

●1370 v optional 18.5 KW motor

●The nose of nitrogen storage counterweight

note:★For matching

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    Mold factory

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    The electronics industry

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    The construction industry




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